A joint-stock reinsurance company „Dunav Re“ was founded on July 01, 1977 under the name Reinsurance Community “Dunav Re”.

The signatories to the Agreement on Establishment were: Insurance community of property and persons Dunav, Insurance community of property and persons Croatia, Insurance Institute of Vojvodina, Insurance Community of property and persons of Macedonia, Insurance community of property and persons Kosovo, Insurance community of property and personas Novi Sad and Insurance community Triglav.

A transformation into a joint stock company was done on October 01, 1990.

Pursuant to the Decision of the Federal Ministry of Finance on the issuance of work permits no. 4 / 1-11-004 / 97 dated May 15, 1997, the Company was registered with the Commercial Court in Belgrade under number IV – FI 6153/97 dated June 20, 1997, under the registration number 07046901, for performing the activities referred to in the above mentioned Decision, which was registered with the Republic Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia by the Notice of Classification according to the classification of activities – Excerpt from the register No. 052-89 of January 29, 1998.

The Joint Stock Company for Reinsurance “Dunav Re” is registered in the Agency for the registration of business entities under the number 43206 on July 22, 2005 as a joint-stock company for reinsurance business.

The activity code is 6520.

The tax identification number is: 100001327



Zorana Pejčić, President

Tatjana Komnenić

Bojan Maričić


Nataša Bašić (Company Dunav Insurance), President

Goran Govedarica (Company Dunav Insurance), Member

Gordana Milićević, Sava Insurance, Member


Bojan Miladinović (Company Dunav Insurance), President