Wolfgang Amiras,
Axis Re Evropa

1.    How long have you been working with the Danube Reinsurance JSC?

The European office of Axis Re in Zurich was established in 2003 and from the very beginning we were interested in the region of central and southern Europe, because of its size and importance, and especially for the markets of the former Yugoslav republics. Dunav Re JSC was one of our best targeted clients in the region and in 2005 we started our cooperation. Our cooperation evolved over time through different lines and we look forward to expanding relationships in the coming years.

2. How much does the international practice of the reinsurance industry differ from the local?

Through reinsurance of Dunav Re JSC, we actually reinsure a big part of the Serbian markets, and it clearly stands us out in relation to the standard reinsurance programs that usually cover a portfolio of one company. In this way Dunav Re JSC offers high value to its local clients, since many of them would have a lot of difficulties in finding out    similar support in view of the quality reinsurance. From the point of view of the retrocessioners, they act as an aggregator, enabling us to penetrate the market in a very efficient way. Otherwise, there are no significant differences between the local and international markets. We are all players on the same reinsurance market and we need to find our way in the world of low economic growth and historically low interest rates.

3. What would you like your colleagues from the Dunav Re JSC, on the occasion of a significant jubilee?

Colleagues from Dunav Reinsurance JSC have done an excellent job in providing the first class reinsurance protection that they provide to their clients, while at the same time providing their own reinsurers diverse and attractive portfolio of reinsurance programs through different lines. This is possible only because everyone in the Dunav Reinsurance JSC is completely dedicated to their personal tasks and have a high level of professionalism. On this occasion, I wish our colleagues from the Dunav Reinsurance a lot of energy for the future, because future times will still carry out challenges with it, but I believe that Dunav Re JSC is fully ready to cooperate successfully with their clients and shareholders.