• A leading position in the domestic market
  • An active role in the foreign reinsurance market
  • A long-term partnership with cedants and other reinsurers from the country and abroad
  • Respecting the needs and opinions of clients
  • Continuous improvement of service quality


The business strategy is based on objective, comprehensive and reliable analysis of the current situation, as well as creative insights not only of desirable and realistic but also of bad scenarios of future situations.

Dunav Re JSC, in its strategic orientation, opted for the strategy of minimizing weaknesses in order to use the so-called Mini – maxi strategy.


  • Reinsurance of property risk
  • Reinsurance of catastrophic risks
  • Reinsurance of all types of responsibility
  • Reinsurance of agriculture
  • Reinsurance of transport risks


As a recognized and reliable partner Dunav Re JSC aims to establish European standards of business and providing the highest quality reinsurance services in domestic and foreign markets through rendering practical solutions to meet specific customer needs. In this work, we combine experience achieved in the global market, local knowledge and proven reliability to solve the problems our clients are faced with in their business.

The Company successfully performs the function of reinsuring protection of its cedants, partners and its own capital through:

  • Respecting general economic principles
  • Respecting the principle of reinsurance profession
  • Timely identification and assessment of assumed insurance risks
  • Reinsurance protection of the acquired portfolio
  • Safe and profitable investment
  • Risk management in order to protect long-term security and business stability
  • Implementation of internal controls


  • Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia,
  • Europe,
  • Asia, and
  • Latin America.