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for more than 30 years

Joint Stock Reinsurance Company "Dunav Re" is a highly professional reinsurer that has been performing, for more than 30 years now, the function of reinsurance protection against the insured risks of its assignors.

Dunav RE, for 30 years


driven goals

Ambitiously set goals of the business policy are being fully accomplished owing to the operation of "Dunav Re" under market principles, while recognizing economic principles and the principles of the reinsurance industry.

Ambition and goals

Dunav RE

reinsurance portfolio

Dunav Re provides the entire reinsurance protection portfolio for another 20 insurance companies, 3 of which are from Republika Srpska and 2 from Macedonia. Reinsurance Contracts cover all property and transport related risks, X/L protection from catastrophe risks, green card, etc.


Risk-free reinsurance

with top-class parters

Owing to its reputation in reinsurance market, when placing risks higher than its own deductible, "Dunav Re" enters into contractual relations with the top-class reinsurance companies in the Western Europe market, i.e. with “A” rated companies.

Risk free with our top-class partners

Skilled & professional

educated employees

Incidentally, 30 employees in Dunav Re, two thirds of whom have university degrees, professionally trained in the country and abroad, are ready to deal with the most complex reinsurance tasks.

Skilled and professional
Easy to customize

Our Vision

Our vision is to create permanent advantage in the market by providing our insured clients, associates and business partners with value-added products, services and business relations. We are building a successful and safe business future for ourselves and for all those that we work and cooperate with.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer to our clients high-quality and top-level services completely conforming to their desires and needs. We endeavour to increase and retain the number of clients who will be able to appreciate our commitment to service quality, and to recognize our approach to business on the value-added principles.



Dunav Re owes its repute of the leading regional and the largest Serbian reinsurer, with more than 60 % reinsurance portfolios, to its business policy based on a continuous enhancement of business operations, an ongoing adjustment to the “laws” of the market, by using human, material and other resources of the society.